Who We Are

Four Rivers Clinical Research, Inc. was founded in 1994.  Our mission is to perform state of the art clinical research with the highest levels of excellence and integrity.  In doing so, we will contribute to the development of novel, safe, and effective therapies which will advance the quality of patient care in our region and beyond.  We are passionate about expanding clinical trial access to members of our community and encouraging local physicians to incorporate research as a care option.

Although we have a similar "Four Rivers" name, our office is not affiliated with any behavior health or urgent care facilities in Paducah.

What To Expect

At your private and personal consultation, you will discuss your primary health concerns with our staff. We will then evaluate you for possible inclusion into one of our currently enrolling clinical trials. It's completely confidential AND completely free of charge.

No obligation

No health insurance needed

Completely free and confidential

Friendly and knowledgeable medical staff

Your appointment will take about 20-30 minutes

Please bring with you any medication you might be taking