Four Rivers Clinical Research

Four Rivers Clinical Research provides a variety of services across the region.  Our services include:

Database review for providers

Want to offer your patients investigational options? Partner with us and we will help identify patients in your practice who may qualify for enrolling studies! Reimbursement for admin. costs available


Satellite research site services

Want to be involved as a research physician but don’t have time to travel to our site to see patients? Let us come to you! Call to find out about our satellite site program. Reimbursement included!


Implementation of Phase 1b-4 trials

We are a multi-disciplinary, dedicated research facility specializing in Phase 1b-4 industry-sponsored clinical trials. Our research center is equipped with everything needed to complete most clinical research projects, including:

-On-site and off-site laboratories

-Ambient and refrigerated centrifuges

-Dedicated monitoring space with access to wi-fi, fax, and email scanning

-Highly trained and professional research staff (GCP, IATA, CCRC, phlebotomy, respiratory therapy, familiarity with a wide variety of EDC systems and central labs, rating scale experience [cognitive, behavioral, quality of life, etc.])

-Detailed SOPs for clinical trial management

-Secured space for on-site IP storage

-Off-site imaging facility capable of performing x-rays, MRI, CT, etc.

-Yearly calibrated equipment (sphygmomanometer [manual and automatic], thermometer, stadiometer, -20 C freezer, weight scales [analog and digital], 12-lead ECG, spirometer

-Long-term document storage facility with protective measures in place against water, humidity, fire damage

-Ability to work with a central IRB

-In-house contracting/budgeting capability

-Privately owned research database comprised of 1000+ patients who are interested in research

-Referral collaborations with local physicians in the community:  rheumatology, urgent care, pediatrics, dermatology, internal medicine

-Comprehensive recruitment plans (social media, radio, TV, printed ads, physician outreach, mailing campaigns, health fair participation, etc.)


Memory testing

We are trained to administer the MMSE (mini-mental state exam) and offer this free to the community! The MMSE is a common diagnostic tool for cognitive impairment. Results can be shared with providers


SHARE program for providers

We want your healthcare providers to be in the loop of what happens during your involvement in a trial! You may opt to have copies of study lab reports and diagnostics sent to your other doctors!


Clinical trial enrollment assistance and notification database

We can help you determine if there are any enrolling studies in your area that you may qualify for. Entering into our private and secure research database will ensure that you are notified of trial opportunities for conditions of interest!


Clinical trial education

Curious about how clinical trials work? Stop by our office to receive information on how to get involved!